Nabe On-The-Go Set


Hot pot at home?

We're excited to introduce the Nabe On-The-Go Set, which includes your very own nabe (Japanese pot) and electric stove!

Purchase our Nabe On-The-Go Set for only P400, and enjoy a hassle-free hot pot dining at the comfort of your own home.

Order your Nabe On-The-Go Set now along with our fresh and premium ingredients!

How to Enjoy Nabe On-The-Go Set

1. Rinse the Pot

2. Plug in Power Cord into power supply. Power indicator will light up.

- 800w

- 3.6 amp

- Any outlet will definitely work!

3. The pot has a temperature control indicator

- Left (Low)

- Center (Off)

- Right (High)

4. Pour your perfectly mixed soup into the pot based on your preference

- To create your perfectly mixed soup, add 1 serving (120 ml) of soup base in a pot, then mix with 1L of warm water

5. Bring soup base to boil with vegetables and balls to enrich the flavor

6. When the soup begins to boil, put in the thinly sliced premium meat for 30-90 seconds to cook in the pot.

7. Once all ingredients are cooked, you may put the temperature control to low to maintain the heat. To cook another batch, switch back your control to high.

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