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Associate, Franchise Sales

Franchise Sales Associate will be responsible for finding and developing leads for the company that our Sales Team can then nurture, maintaining an accurate and detailed sales database, setting brand presentation schedule, ensuring all target clients will attend, interacts with customers, offering assistance and responding to queries about products and purchases, creating franchise relations internal and external memo, and assisting FSO to all facets of sales process.

· Bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field
· Minimum 1 year of work experience as a Sales Associate or similar position in the Sales department
· Excellent communication and presentation skills
· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
· Good time management and organizational skills
· Highly motivated and detail-oriented individual 

Associate, Franchise Services & Compliance

Franchise Service & Compliance Associate executes the daily workflow of the department, supports the franchising and business development initiatives, monitors timely payment, obligations, and settlements of franchisees, as well as the timeline of soon to open franchise stores. They also acts as the key person/ coordinator of franchisees to the company’s support groups, maintains and manages franchise documentation and 201 file of franchise stores, recommends potential marketing activities to franchisee which can be implemented to stores, monitors and tracks effectiveness of franchising campaigns, tracks all franchising and business development data and creates written reports and presentations to bring to the top management, gathers and analyzes information to identify new markets and customers, locations and franchising opportunities, ensures that all franchisees are aligned with the brand standardization, procedures, promotions, guidelines, rules and regulations, diverting customer requests and complaints to the relevant departments, and lastly, perform other duties as assigned.

· Bachelor’s degree in business administration or relevant field.
· Minimum of 1 years of proven experience in a customer service or any similar position in a service and compliance department.
· Proficiency in Microsoft Office and other related software useful to service and compliance.
· Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
· Good understanding of management practices and techniques.
· Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills.

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